The science of sex

I prefer to think of it as an art.
Anyhoo — another shortie for Paste from a coupla years ago:
Mary Roach
Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex
W.W. Norton & Company
If anatomy is destiny, ladies, envy the barnyard sow, whose clitoris lies fortuitously inside its vagina. So notes Roach, the playful author behind those other one-word best-sellers, Stiff (cadaver, not arousal) and Spook. After immersing herself in so much death, she understandably sought a subject with a pulse, and preferably a flushed look of satisfaction, in this survey of sex research. Alfred Kinsey and the usual players get their due in sticky detail, but so does Dr. Ahmed Shafik, who studied lab rats in tiny, drawstring polyester pants, confirming the value of natural fibers. (The rodents could not get laid because they were dressed so unfashionably, Roach speculates.) Her witty writing style begets giggling for the right reasons, with well-turned footnotes that are fun to read aloud to prudes. That impotence was once attributed to witches stashing purloined penises in birds’ nests makes one appreciate the onslaught of Cialis commercials. Just don’t crack this book before a date. So many images of glans, tugged and prodded, will leave you reaching for a fig leaf.


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